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What our customers say

“Boost eLearning has been fantastic to work with and so helpful in our roll-out of Google Apps!”

Ronen Lapidot
Senior Vice President of Information Technology

Perry Ellis


“Sanmina has been using Boost eLearning Google Apps Training since January of 2012.  Boost eLearning has been a great partner.  Without Boost, the amount of effort it would take for us to keep our training up to date would be overwhelming.  Boost eLearning continues to enhance its platform with features like hosting and customization; it has been a solid solution for us.”

Dave Beliveau
Sr. Supervisor, Collaboration Services



“The ability of being able to link to a specific training video is one of the key benefits of Boost eLearning Google Apps Training. We have 29 trainers in the field, and when someone has a question, they are able to say, ‘Hey, someone already had that question, and here’s the answer.’ They can then send over a link to a professionally made video that teaches the person exactly what they need to know.”

“We also use links to the videos in our Google Site (designed and patterned off the template provided by Boost eLearning) and emails. We can then track to see what videos people are launching so we can further target our training initiatives. We depend really heavily on this feature.”

Matthew T. D’Ascoli
Manager of Instructional Technology
Chesterfield County Public Schools


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Google Apps Training helps your employees develop the skills
to communicate, collaborate and create with Google Apps.Features of GAT

Features of Google Apps Training

Extensive courses

Cover the universe of Google Apps with complete training on Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Groups and a course special for Admin Assistants and Power Users.


Step-by-step, easy to watch and brief (40 seconds-2 minutes) video modules help people quickly develop just the skills they need to use Google Apps.

Version Now

Continuously updated to stay current as Google improves.  Don't believe us?  Check for yourself at our change log.


Be able to search all courses and quickly find the skill you are looking for.  The search gadget can be embedded on any Google Site for easy access to training content from a 'Going Google' or help desk portal.  Learn more.


Add as much of your own company content to the Boost eLearning platform for no additional cost.  Really.


Out of the box training not going to work for you?  No problem.  Turn off or add skills as needed, so Boost eLearning Google Apps Training fits your needs exactly.


Currently available in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin Simplified), Chinese (Mandarin Traditional), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, and Spanish Latin American.


Use the eGuide, a web based instructor guide, to deliver professional instructor-lead sessions for your employees.  The eGuide is kept up to date as Google Apps changes.

Cheat Sheets

Some like videos, some just want documentation.  With Boost eLearning, you get both.  Extensive documentation is there for initial training and performance support.

Early access

Have your employees access Boost eLearning Google Apps Training before getting their Google Accounts.  Users sign-in with their email account, have their training tracked, and seamlessly transition once they've received their Google Accounts.

Deployment package

If you are Going Google, you are probably thinking about a deployment site, announcement emails, ongoing communications...  We've got you covered.  See our resource site and launch kit.


To-the-point reporting that doesn't waste your time dragging you through the details.  Just the information you want, when you want it.  Oh, you want detailed reports also?  No problem.  We provide those too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pricing? Useful! Not useful!

    Easy.  $10 per user per year.  For schools and universities, students are included with purchases for all faculty and staff.  Enterprise pricing is also available.  Contact us.


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  • How do users access Google Apps Training? Useful! Not useful!

    There are four ways to access Boost eLearning Google Apps Training 1. Using any browser, click the ‘App Launcher’ then ‘Google Apps Training’ 2. Install the Chrome extension, then click ‘Training’ 3. Set your browsers to open to three tabs: Mail, Calendar, and Training 4. Add an icon direct to your users desktop that points to Google Apps Training For the last two examples, form the URL with your domain name like this:


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  • Trials? Useful! Not useful!

    We offer 10 day site trials for all users in your organization.  Need more time?  No worries.  Contact us to setup your trial.


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  • What is your service level agreement? Useful! Not useful!

    Our service level agreement is available in the app and right here.


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Pricing: what’s it costs, and what you get

Easy.  $10 per user per year.  For schools and universities, students are included with purchases for all faculty and staff.  Enterprise pricing is also available.  Contact us.

Included in the license are all updates, new courses, and new features that are released.  In just the past year, we’ve released the eGuide, domain-wide executive summary reporting, individual user summary reporting (detailed reports have been available for over a year), hosting, customization, and lots of ‘Version Now‘ updates.  And more is coming.   Let’s talk.

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About Us

Victor Alhadeff, founder of Egghead Discount Software and Catapult Training, started Boost eLearning in 2008 to help companies train their employees on how to fully benefit from Google technologies.  Today, Boost eLearning supports companies in five continents and eleven different languages in the migration and adoption of Google Apps.