Our 3 Steps to Success

Boost eLearning’s goal is to provide our students with engaging online IT Technical Training that will enable them to obtain a high value certification and know the subject matter at the level of a true subject matter expert. We believe in our 3 Steps to Success process which has been proved and evidenced by our student’s 98% pass rate on official certification exams.

Here is an explanation of our 3 Steps to Success.

Skills Development

eLearning Courses

Our instructors have a at least 10 years of experience. They are master teachers and experts in their field. Watching the natural instructor led demonstrations and visual presentations will keep you engaged. Courses range on average between 10-20 hours, so you have an immersive learning experience.

Skills Retention

Section Quizzes

At the end of each section, there is a short quiz to ensure you’ve mastered the material taught before continuing on to the next section. If it is information you are already familiar with, you can take the quiz and proceed onto the next section.

Test Engine

Each course contains a 40 to 50 question test of your knowledge about the skills you have developed.


Knowing you know what you know and memorizing what you don’t know can be achieved with good old fashion flash cards. Each course contains 30 to 40 flashcards so you can self test and memorize many of the basic concepts and terms.


This is a timed game where you drag corresponding items onto each other to make them disappear.

Space Race

Destroy the scrolling words by typing in their corresponding term and pressing enter. You have to destroy the term before it passes thru the screen.


The game gives you the answer, you have to write in the question.


Seems simple. You type in what you hear. The act of actually typing and hearing at the same time improves retention.

Social Learning & Networking

Interact with other people taking the same courses as you are.


Upon completion of all the online video content a locked test will become unlocked and you can now take a simulation test. Upon achieving a score of 80% you will receive a Boost eLearning Certificate of Completion. Achieving a 90% or higher on this simulation test is the basis for our guarantee. You can take this test over and over until you have mastered the content of this simulation test.

Skills Application

Practice Labs

Whether it’s Cisco, Microsoft or VMWare, Practice Labs unifies access to all of these vendors through a web browser interface. Pre-configured hardware layouts with accompanying lab guides for fast, convenient access to gain hands on experience. With step-by-step instructions covering thousands of practical tasks across Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare and CompTIA exam titles, Practice Labs makes studying for an exam or learning new technologies an engaging experience.

Why should you use a Practice Lab?

In today’s world of complex IT systems and technologies it is essential that IT professionals and those new to IT are able to demonstrate how to use and understand vendor products and software. Using our Practice Labs you can develop your practical IT skills in a safe working environment without the need to invest in your own hardware and software. With the ease and convenience of the Internet we provide you access to real equipment that brings theory to life and gives you a greater depth of technology understanding.

You are also provided with our integrated lab guides which walk you through a variety of topics. These guides will help in your understanding of specific exam objectives or provide guidance on how to carry out a real world scenarios.
With hundreds of topics to choose from we have a solution to meet your skills development objectives.

Key Benefits

  • Exam based practical tasks
  • Real equipment, absolutely no simulations
  • Access to the latest industry technologies
  • Available anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Break and Reset functionality
  • No hardware or licensing costs


Unified access to the IT industries’ leading vendor technologies from a single web browser interface.

Amazing Support

We also believe that when you have a question it should be answered as fast as possible. In addition to chat or email we have all day hours for free telephone support.

Customer Service is available for:
1. Live forum inquiries related to how to use courses, logging in, features, password resets, etc:
2. Educational Support- Customer inquiries related to questions involving course content
3. Instructor Support- Customer inquiries above level of educational support department

Customer Service and Educational Support are as close to immediate as possible. Instructor level support is generally within 24 hours. We are here to answer your questions with the best customer service support hours in the industry. We have customer support centers in the West Coast and East Coast and in London. This breath of offices enables us to give full day coverage.

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