Database Administrator

These courses will prepare you with the necessary skills to work as a database administrator. This position is also known as a database developer or database analyst.

What does a database administrator do?

source: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Database Administrator (DBA): responsible for the planning, implementation, configuration, and administration of relational database management systems. Database administrators are normally proficient with one or more popular database software packages, such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, and are normally familiar with one or more database query languages, such as SQL or MySQL. Database administrators sometimes hold certifications such as Certified Oracle Database Administrator.

Database Analyst: responsible for designing and developing an organization’s data flow models and database architecture. Although a database analyst may sometimes share administrative responsibilities with database administrators, analysts are normally responsible for designing the database schema which an organization will use to store and move business-critical data.

source: Quora

The number one thing you must do as a DBA is to be able to recover data. This requires you to build a proper recovery plan, often multiple versions of plans based upon the different systems in your care. And when a business user decides to start running SQL Express on their desktop and they haven’t done any backups and their data is lost guess who will often get the blame?

In fact, I’ve heard that DBA stands for Default Blame Acceptor. I also believe it stands for Do ‘Bout Anything. As a DBA you really need to know a little bit about how a lot of things work together. And if you are working with Microsoft SQL Server then any product with the letters “SQL” in the name instantly become your domain. SQL Server Analysis Services? You’re the DBA, you figure it out. In fact, just the word “database” means you get more stuff piled on your plate. Oracle, Sybase, Db2…all just databases and hey, aren’t you the DBA? These are all yours to manage now.

A database is a black box, not easily understood by 99% of the people using them. That’s why they need you, all the time, 24×7, to help make sense of things. You are the Rosetta Stone for your IT department. You help the hardware folks understand what the developers are doing, and why, and why it’s important for the business.

What is the average salary of a Database Administrator?

source: Indeed

$40,000-$120,000, depending on experience, location, and company.

Which certifications are required?

You should achieve two certifications.

  1. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) SQL Server 2012
  2. Oracle Database 11g Certified Associate (OCA)

How many hours of training are required?

The total runtime for all the courses listed below is about 173 hours. Using the study tools, we anticipate this will take you about 361 hours depending on your current level of expertise. Think of it this way: if you start now and spend an hour a day, you’ll be certified for a job as a database administrator in a year. People who take our courses have a pass rate of 98.4%. We guarantee it.