Instructor Lead Training

Instructor Led Training with Performance Support

Instructor Led Training remains in high demand by Government, Military, and many large organizations. Boost eLearning is uniquely offering instructor led training with performance support.

Instructor led classroom training has many Instructor Lead Trainingbenefits. The most significant benefit is the ability for the student to interact directly with the instructor. Questions can be asked and answered immediately. Instructor led training is personal and allows for personalized real time feedback. The classroom allows students to make mistakes in a controlled environment.

The challenge of instructor led training is skills retention. A tremendous amount of information is delivered in a short period to time. As you read this simply think of all the classes you have taken over the years and how much is retained. Skills retention is essential for IT training. The trainee is expected to be able to perform the skills set forth as the learning objectives of the class. This requires skills retention The objective of the training is both skills development and skills retention.

As Performance Support to insure skills retention Boost eLearning includes the corresponding eLearning course for the student to access on their own anytime, anywhere, on any device. The eLearning course can be used a reference, as training on content not covered in the class, and for skills retention. The student can refresh their memory of a skill taught in the class by watching a video of that skill and they can reinforce their knowledge with practice exams. With flashcards and games they can engage in a skills retention process that assures they know the content of the course by how they perform with the flashcards and games. At the end of each course is an exam that tests their knowledge of the course content. For technical courses that have IT Certifications this practice exam covers the exact content of the formal Certification Exam.

Boost eLearning is offering Instructor Lead Training to meet the onsite training needs of the organizations we serve. The content of the courses will follow the same format as the eLearning courses. The student does not have to take extensive notes. They can simply refer to the online course. The online course is available to the student for a full year after the class is completed.

Instructor Led Training is available on all Boost eLearning Courses. The complete list of courses can be found on the Courses tab on this website.

All classes are delivered by highly experienced Certified Instructors. Our instructors have been fully vetted by Boost eLearning to insure that they have the appropriate technical certifications and qualifications in addition to an engaging friendly delivery style.

In summary Boost eLearning is committed to meeting the needs of our customers. For those customers that want on site instructor led training we will deliver world class training from engaging, experienced, certified instructors. We then provide the student with access for one year to our online course with performance support to insure the student has the opportunity to become a true subject matter expert.

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