Gmail Training

Gmail training

Gmail is quickly becoming one of the most popular email services for schools, businesses and the general public. Why? Largely because it contains a multitude of user-friendly features, from allowing you to instantly chat with colleagues to helping you manage your inbox with labels and filters. However, the more you know about Gmail, the more you can utilize it to the best of its potential. Boost eLearning’s Google Apps training program covers everything there is to know about Gmail so people who use Google Apps can be more informed and productive. Here’s what our Gmail training covers:

Gmail basics
Gmail is very user-friendly, but it still contains a lot of features many people haven’t explored. We’ll walk you through everything from composing an email to creating your own signature to navigating your inbox and conversations. Each lesson contains several videos, giving you a simple, step-by-step guide to everything the email service has to offer.

Staying organized
Did you know you can filter your emails based on their content? Do you know how to create nested labels, or even how they can help you? All of these features and more are meant to keep you organized and productive, but you’ll only get those benefits if you know how to use them. Follow along as we show you how to stay organized and navigate your inbox.

Other Gmail features
There are a variety of other Gmail features, from unsending an email to using your online address book. We’ll teach you how to use these and many other features offered by Gmail. Plus, we’ll update our training when Gmail changes to keep you in the loop about any new offerings.

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Boost eLearning’s Gmail training courses:

  1. Introduction to Gmail Training
  • Introduction
  • Features of the Gmail Training Course
  • Summary
  1. Understand Gmail
  • Introduction
  • Identify Compose, Labels, Chat, Tool Bar, Search Bar
  • Identify Contacts and Tasks
  • Summary
  1. Compose an Email
  • Introduction
  • Address an email and attach a file
  • Send a file using Google Drive
  • Insert a hyperlink
  • Formatting and Gmail’s Check Spelling
  • Drafts and Send an email
  • Summary
  1. Set up a Signature
  • Introduction
  • Set up a signature
  • Enable Signature Tweaks
  • Summary
  1. Create a Vacation Responder
  • Introduction
  • Create a Vacation Responder
  • End a Vacation Responder
  • Summary
  1. Understand Gmail’s Conversations
  • Introduction
  • Read a conversation thread
  • Forward, forward all, print, and print all
  • Turn off ‘Conversation View’
  • Use the People Widget
  • Summary
  1. Organize Your Email with Archive and Labels
  • Introduction
  • Understand and use Archive
  • Understand and use Labels
  • Archive and Label an open email
  • How to use Move to
  • Manage Labels from Settings
  • Archive and Label from the Inbox
  • Find email using Labels
  • Manage and color your Labels
  • Summary
  1. File Email with Nested Labels
  • Introduction
  • Create Nested Labels
  • Summary
  1. Search for Email Messages in Gmail
  • Introduction
  • Use Gmail’s basic and advanced search
  • Search with multiple search features
  • Summary
  1. Manage Your Email Automatically with Filters
  • Introduction
  • How to create a Filter (overview)
  • Select criteria for your Filter
  • Apply an action
  • Edit and delete your Filters
  • Summary
  1. Contacts: Your Online Address Book
  • Introduction
  • Identify the sections of the Contacts page
  • Create a new contact
  • Create a group and add contacts to a group
  • Remove a contact from a group
  • Send an email to a group
  • Summary
  1. Manage your Responsibilities with Tasks
  • Introduction
  • Add and organize your tasks
  • Add a due date, email, and print tasks
  • Create multiple tasks lists
  • Add an email to your tasks
  • Summary
  1. Undo Send: Retrieve an Unfinished Email
  • Introduction
  • Enable Undo Send
  • Retrieve a sent email
  • Summary
  1. Insert an Image
  • Introduction
  • Use drag and drop
  • Insert an Image from your computer
  • Insert an Image from a web address
  • Summary
  1. Create a Canned Response
  • Introduction
  • Enable Canned Responses
  • Create and name a Canned Response
  • Change a current Canned Response
  • Summary
  1. Instantly Communicate with Chat
  • Introduction
  • Invite a contact to chat
  • Start a chat and more actions
  • Set your status in your chat settings
  • Summary