Prospective IT professionals often ask, what are the benefits of IT certifications? Here’s the thing, IT employment opportunities are plentiful and job offers to certified professionals are extremely competitive. Because there is such a demand for highly skilled certified IT professionals, offers often include above-market pay, and many other financial incentives such as flexible work hours.

There are currently over 1 million open IT jobs in the United states. There are not 1 million qualified IT professionals looking for a job. According to the 2016 Robert Half Technology report, 60% percent of Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) find it extremely difficult to find IT professionals with the necessary skills for those open positions. Additionally, according to a recent CompTIA report, 96% of HR managers use IT certifications as screening or hiring criteria during recruitment. In order to be qualified for most IT jobs, you need certification.

What IT Certifications are Hot

The 2016 Robert Half Technology Report makes the key point that certifications are critical. It lists the Hot Certifications that are in high demand with a lack of qualified people to fill the jobs requiring those certifications.

Benefits of IT Certifications

Boost eLearning offers a rich in depth library of courses heavily focused on these high demand certification areas.  As can be seen in the table below our library includes over 90 interactive online courses for skills development, skills retention and skills application in those certification areas.

Subject of Training Number of Courses offered by Boost eLearning
Cisco Certification Training 14
Microsoft Certification Training 62
Project Management Certification Training 7
Security Certification Training 8
Virtualization Certification Training 1

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Increased Compensation and Career Development

The demand for certified IT professionals is reflected in increased IT Certification Benefitscompensation. According to a 2016 Cert Magazine study, the average salary for a certified “US IT pro” is accelerating as can be seen in the graph to the right. In addition, 35% of those surveyed by Cert Magazine, received a raise within a year of their receiving official certification.

In 2015, the International Data Corporation (IDC) published a study titled “The Business Value of IT Certification.”  The list below shows you the benefit of IT certifications highlighted in this study.

There were many benefits for the employee with an official certification, besides just having the assurance of a steady job. IDC reported that

  • Employees with IT certifications have more responsibility in their companies
  • Employees with IT certifications have more career advancement opportunities
  • Employees with IT certifications report to have more confidence in their work
  • Employees with IT certifications EARN a 15% higher salary

Both the Certification Magazine and the IDC report draw the same conclusion. IT certifications will greatly benefit an employee in their career growth, and most importantly, in their salary.

Increased Productivity for Companies

The benefits of IT certifications don’t only affect the employee, it also greatly affects the company for which they work. The IDC study interviewed IT managers of several major companies. The list below summarizes the benefits of certified employees.

  • Employees with IT certifications are more efficient by 17%
  • Employees with IT certifications are relied on more by the company
  • Employees with IT certifications contribute to a 15% reduction in downtime
  • Employees with IT certifications perform with better results and in less time
  • Employees with IT certifications develop nearly twice as many applications per year, and each application takes half the time to develop
  • Employees with IT certifications reach full productivity one month faster upon being hired
  • Employees with IT certifications have an extremely low turnover rate
  • Employees with IT certifications tend to move up in the company much faster.

Benefits of IT Certifications – Takeaway

Certification is CRUCIAL. Obtaining the necessary certifications will significantly increase your compensation, advance you career, and increase your job satisfaction.  To achieve these certifications requires an investment of time and money.  Boost eLearning online training is the optimal solution for both your financial investment and your time commitment.

Boost eLearning provides the best training for the best price.  Our goal at Boost eLearning is to make sure that you not only learn the necessary skills to pass the official IT certification exams, but most importantly we want our students to retain the skills they learned. With the unique interactive videos, tests, games, and labs we do everything we can to make sure our students become true subject matter experts for life. These features are available whenever you want on-line, at your convenience. You make a schedule of training that works for you.

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